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Chalk it up Sheldon

Chalk It Up Sheldon - The Design

It is not everyday you are asked to create something for an Astrophysicists birthday and when Josh's wife Emma contacted Project Cake with the brief of "something quirky and rustic" we couldn't help but think of a chalkboard design. Josh's 40th birthday was going to be an intimate family occasion in the Hunter Valley for 40 of his nearest and dearest and the cake was to be the center-piece of the room. It needed to be big and it needed to be COVERED in formulas. Joining forces again with the incredible Phoebe Bakker, the concept of the 3 tier design was born. Emma supplied us with the formulas Josh wanted on the cake and what looked like jibber jabber to us, mainly because we talked or slept our way through Math’s in High School, became so much more than writing on a cake.

This is not the first time we have collaborated with Phoebe. She designed the incredible "Love Is" Chalkboard cake currently featured in this year's Bride to Be Cakes annual. This cake is covered with the beautiful piece of scripture 1 Corinthians 13. One thing we learnt from doing this design was make sure the fondant was completely set before trying to write on it and have wine on standby.

How to present this cake was going to be interesting. We had every confidence in Phoebe’s capacity to make the formulas look sensational and we decided on the message "Josh's 101000th Birthday" (40th in Math's language) to be placed over the 3 tiers. But this wasn't a wedding cake and it would need something on top to finish it. Over a late night chat with Emma, it was decided that the cake would need something to contrast the black. What better than RED? And not just any red, toffee apple red. Jazz has created many wedding cakes that have had spaces underneath or in between tiers that then get filled with beautiful flowers. But what about filling one up with toffee apples? This would be the element to finish the cake plus keep the kids at the party happy. An example below of foam spacers between tiers filled with fresh flowers.


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